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What type of training and opening support do you provide?

Category: Spun Candy Support

We offer the following training and support:

Candy making training – this is conducted at our HQ or one of our regional stores and lasts 8 weeks. You can send up to 5 candy making staff and we teach them the operations along with the technical knowledge to make all of our candy and confectionery.

Operational training – we require you to send up to 3 members of the operational or management team to our HQ or regional stores and this will last between 1-2 weeks. The staff members attending will learn each aspect of SC business operations and unit management.

Opening support – we will send up to 2 members of our experienced franchise team to your area for the initial opening of your flagship unit to provide support before, during and after the soft and grand launch.

For more information, see our Franchise Support page

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