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What do you look for in an Area Development Franchise Partner?

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Here is a summary of the key points that we think makes for a good Area Development Franchise Partner:

Passion:  You’ll need to be passionate about candy and willing to immerse yourself in our brand. You’ll need to share our vision, be aligned with our values and be committed to implementing our winning formula.

Customer-focused: At Spun Candy, the customer experience is key, and you’ll need an appetite for delivering the very best customer experience.

Understand your market place: We’ll ask that you complete a detailed study of your demographics (individual and corporate) and retail unit positioning, and have a clear strategy for growth across the various revenue streams in the coming 3-5 years.

Industry-savvy: Ideally, we’re looking for prior experience in the Retail and/or Food & Beverage sectors. We feel this helps you to know how to position the Spun Candy brand optimally in your market. We are also looking for partners who can demonstrate a solid understanding of fast-moving consumer goods and food operations.

Appreciate the potential for growth: Having a keen eye for opportunities is a must, whether that’s in the corporate arena, seasonal or the gifting markets. We encourage our franchisees to capitalise on market opportunities and to open doors to new possibilities.

Long-term commitment: We expect our franchisees to be committed as long-term international partners, and we’ll need to ensure that you have the financial stability and cash reserves to allow investment in future growth opportunities and to manage uncertainty.


For more, see our Franchise Requirements page

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