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How many units will I be required to develop in my area and where will these be located?

Category: Spun Candy Sites & Units

Once we have assessed the potential of your area, country or territory we will agree with you the development schedule for the minimum number of required units to be opened during the development term. As a guide we are looking for the development of a minimum of 5 units within 5 years, split across a flagship masterclass retail unit and additional kiosks, concessions and stand-alone units.

Within the first 1-3 years, we will require the flagship unit to support the growth of additional smaller retail units like kiosks. The units need to be carefully located in high footfall locations which attract the type of consumer that buys our candy or experiences our masterclasses.

Location is key so we are looking for ground or first-floor level, central positions in a Tier 1 mall or on-street (high street) location.

Additional units can be located in international airports, theme parks, attractions and other Tier 1 malls. We have learnt that attempting to limit your financial risk by paying less rent in a non-Tier 1 mall can have a very negative effect on revenue.

We need you to carefully select a number of prospective locations and prepare a detailed brief on customer demographics, other retailers/F&B outlets located nearby, and their positioning along with the footfall.

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