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Do you have a question about partnering with Spun Candy? Below, you’ll find answers to some of the more common questions we’re asked.

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Category: Spun Candy Support

We maintain a strict quality assurance programme. Prior to opening and after the initial training we will inspect each product line to ensure the quality that our customers expect is being maintained. Packaging, ingredients and other raw materials must be from approved suppliers. Every six months we will carry out an audit of our products. Alongside this we require that all units operate a strict food safety management system, which we of course train you on prior to opening.

Category: Spun Candy Support

We believe in continued product development and maintaining an extremely high standard with all of our products. We offer 1-2 weeks of product development training per annum along with up to two principle visits per annum where we meet with you to discuss your historic sales performance, future marketing activities, operational support, logistics and ordering and discuss new development opportunities.

We have quarterly franchise conference calls, along with ad-hoc calls to assist with any other issues or ideas you may have.

For more information, see our Franchise Support page

Category: Spun Candy Support

We offer the following training and support:

Candy making training – this is conducted at our HQ or one of our regional stores and lasts 8 weeks. You can send up to 5 candy making staff and we teach them the operations along with the technical knowledge to make all of our candy and confectionery.

Operational training – we require you to send up to 3 members of the operational or management team to our HQ or regional stores and this will last between 1-2 weeks. The staff members attending will learn each aspect of SC business operations and unit management.

Opening support – we will send up to 2 members of our experienced franchise team to your area for the initial opening of your flagship unit to provide support before, during and after the soft and grand launch.

For more information, see our Franchise Support page

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Our proprietary ingredients of colours and flavours are purchased directly from Spun Candy. Sugar, glucose and other ingredients are sourced and purchased locally.

Our cost of ingredients and packaging for hard rock candy is generally under 20% (combined) for all of our handmade products (landed). We wish to maintain the high quality and premium nature of our products so we only work with a select number of specialist suppliers.

Your initial packaging order is purchased directly from Spun Candy. For future orders, you can purchase locally from approved suppliers once identified. We do have an economy of scale in purchasing and can generally achieve a better price for you than locally purchased.

Category: Spun Candy Support

Spun Candy supply all specialist candy making equipment along with the required kitchen and retail equipment you need to make and display candy and our products. Our specialist equipment is made bespoke to each location and we continue to develop it through our own research and investments in design in order to make it durable, reliable and operationally efficient. We supply some signage, others can be produced locally.

We provide you with a full equipment and construction list containing all the components and raw materials you need to construct your unit.

Our Lollipods are designed, developed and manufactured centrally, we send these to you in a container and installation can generally be undertaken in less than 24 hours.

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