Your Questions Answered

Do you have a question about partnering with Spun Candy? Below, you’ll find answers to some of the more common questions we’re asked.

If you have a question that’s not listed here, please get in touch with our franchise team today.

We design each and every unit and ideally tailor the design to suit the area. This is undertaken by our international design team. We require you to appoint a local architect, project manager and contractor who works with our remote team who walk you through each of the design and build phases. We require you to provide us with a PDF floor plan layout and CAD files so we can produce a detailed tender pack (working drawings) for construction.

We require you to provide us with a number of prospective sites with a report which details the location, geographical area and demographics, retail and F&B outlets in the vicinity along with a projected financial model for the location. We will then agree and approve a site for each unit.

Once we have assessed the potential of your area, country or territory we will agree with you the development schedule for the minimum number of required units to be opened during the development term. As a guide we are looking for the development of a minimum of 5 units within 5 years, split across a flagship masterclass retail unit and additional kiosks, concessions and stand-alone units.

Within the first 1-3 years, we will require the flagship unit to support the growth of additional smaller retail units like kiosks. The units need to be carefully located in high footfall locations which attract the type of consumer that buys our candy or experiences our masterclasses.

Location is key so we are looking for ground or first-floor level, central positions in a Tier 1 mall or on-street (high street) location.

Additional units can be located in international airports, theme parks, attractions and other Tier 1 malls. We have learnt that attempting to limit your financial risk by paying less rent in a non-Tier 1 mall can have a very negative effect on revenue.

We need you to carefully select a number of prospective locations and prepare a detailed brief on customer demographics, other retailers/F&B outlets located nearby, and their positioning along with the footfall.

The Spun Candy flagship masterclass retail unit will need to be a minimum of 75 square metres. Smaller retail units and concessions can be from 20 square metres.

We have a turnkey solution for kiosks called Lollipods which are between 13 and 30 square metres and which can be installed in less than 24 hours into a high footfall location like an airport or mall.

We recommend that you have a blend of different sized and functioning units depending on the type of customer and our agreed development strategy.

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